Automated Content Curation

Create dynamic playlists from a variety of sources to deliver quality content across any device.

Extraordinary Viewing Experience

FUEL’s seamless content flows drive more traffic and longer engagement times for online and OTT streaming.

Optimize Your OTT Monetization

Seamlessly integrate ads into a continuous stream to optimize monetization.

Revolutionizing digital streaming for the present and the future

FUEL delivers an extraordinary viewing experience that sets the bar in streaming, attracting more viewers for longer periods of time to increase ad revenue. FUEL was designed in a style that 75 years of television has perfected, a formula that viewers engage with—a continuous, seamless flow of content and ads without interruption. FUEL’s single-platform makes the content curation process speedy and efficient, allowing curators to automate content creation and delivery—saving time and money in the process.




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In Ad Impressions


In Session Length


Heartland FUELTM Case Study

FUEL exceeds expectations in trial with Heartland Media leading to group-wide implementation


Cowles Broadcasting
Partners with FUELTM to Monetize
Digital Audiences

10X Increase in ad impressions for KHQ-TV with FUEL, Bitcentral’s digital streaming solution




“We were amazed how easily and instantly we could create a dedicated streaming channel to give our community the up-to-date information they crave right now.”

KHQ, an NBC affiliate in Spokane, WA

“We are filling a need with a wide range of original content we’re producing on a daily basis. The solutions we’ve deployed with the help of Bitcentral ensure our viewership is presented a memorable experience that keeps them tuned in and offers us a direct path to operational excellence behind the scenes.”

Black News Channel (BNC)

“FUEL will provide Heartland Media with the solution for us to create new digital revenue – and most importantly, give our viewers an engaging and very satisfying viewing experience.”

Heartland Media


Learn how to maximize your digital ad revenue

Maximize Your Digital Ad Revenue

The formula is simple: An extraordinary viewing experience = longer viewing times = more revenue. FUEL boasts the longest viewing session duration in the industry, giving you more opportunities to generate ad revenue.


Immune to Ad-Blockers

FUEL seamlessly integrates ads into streaming content, making them immune from ad blockers so you’ll never miss an opportunity to generate revenue.

Simplify Your Content Curation

FUEL utilizes metadata to seamlessly automate dynamic, personalized playlists from a variety of sources, turning a collection of short-form content into a longform experience.


End-to-End Content Curation Platform

FUEL is a cloud-based, end-to-end content curation platform you can manage yourself. It makes delivering quality content across any device simple and efficient.

Get Peace of Mind

With FUEL—a Bitcentral product—you not only get streaming’s most innovative solution; you get a battle-tested partner with two decades of broadcast experience and a sterling industry reputation for service and support.


Painless, Low-Risk Transition

With FUEL, on-boarding is simple, speedy and painless. Our expert transition team works directly with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly from purchase through implementation and beyond.